Viewpoint is a high-end animation studio specializing in architectural visualization, CG animation, live-action productions, VFX content, branded graphic design, and virtual reality.

Who We Are
Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from the fields of architecture, design and technology. With over 20 years of experience, Viewpoint has been creating content for property development, architecture and corporate media for distinguished clients both in Israel and around the world.

What We Do
Architectural Visualization:
Viewpoint produces 3D architectural visualizations, both as still images and animations, that are designed to best showcase the architectural project. The goals include to present the architectural qualities of each individual project, to show the project in its natural surrounding (both from eye-level view and aerial footage) and finally to create a powerful, emotive image. We collaborate with architects and developers to towards a vision that meets their needs The films produced at Viewpoint are an exceptional marketing resource for engaging with the target audience. Using visual effects and an extensive library of green-screen actors, the films breathe life into the images. The projects are portrayed in a cinematic way that captivates the audience and provokes an emotional response.

Corporate Films:
Viewpoint creates corporate films that resonate and engage. From conception to completion, we will ensure that the film meets your objectives and will give you the best return on your investment. Our full service and results-driven approach will be with you every step of the way.

Viewpoint creates architectural visualization APPs to showcase real estate projects in portable platforms such as phones and tablets. The APP can include a wide range of features including interactive 3D model of the project, virtual reality tours of the exteriors and interiors, gallery of CGI renders floor plans and panoramic view, and augmented reality features.

Virtual Reality (VR):
At Viewpoint, we create fully immersive virtual reality environments for both mobile and station VR platforms.  With a VR headset you are transported inside the space giving you the freedom to look around and move inside the space without limitations.